English Collaborative Learning Grade 8 - Advertisement

  • Posted: 2021-02-11
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An advertisement is very important in our life, especially in a business world. People use it in order to promote a product or service they sell. They also create interesting advertisements and some of them compete with other companies to make a catchy advertisement to attract consumers to buy their product. In order to get the consumers’ attention, it needs not only a specific skill but also creativity and originality to make an advertisement.

Since an advertisement is useful in our life, we gave the  8 grader students this  material about advertisement in English lesson last semester. We had collaborative learning with other subjects, such as Social Studies, Arts, and Religion. We picked this material because it could be integrated with the essential material from other subjects and it became a school project of collaborative learning in Semester I. 

Advertisement is also one of the short functional text types. We gave this material because it is applicable and useful for students’ lives in the future. Furthermore, we tried to develop the students’ creativity in making an advertisement.  Last semester, the students made an advertisement about a travel agency. They had to promote a package tour to go to three destinations in South Asia. They worked in a group and made a short video of a travel agency advertisement. Their videos were very creative and attractive. They developed not only their ideas of the advertisement content, but also their skill in editing the video. Hopefully, through this project, students will be more creative and improve their skill in making and editing a short video.

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