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A Safe Havento Grow & Connect

14 th & 21 st October 2020


SMA Santa Ursula Jakarta (Saint Ursula Highschool Jakarta) students have joined forces with Yayasan Satya Bhakti to build the fellowship of the students in the Order of Saint Ursula all around the world.


This event aims to strengthen kinship and harmony between teachers and students from schools in the Order of Saint Ursula all around the world. The objectives are to create global unity through an online connection, highlighting fellowships with the backdrop of cultural differences of each school and to strengthen bonds between schools in the Order of St. Ursula.



A Safe Haven to Grow and To Connect to describe this event as a place where one feels safe, a place from which one's strength of character is drawn. We want to build an interconnected space where everyone from all schools can feel safe and where we can grow together. As to the definition, the theme encourages teachers and students to move forward to flourish together and connect on a deeper level as Ursulines and a part of the world.


Teachers and students, members of the Order of St. Ursula from:

  • 3 schools in Africa
  • 14 schools in South America
  • 8 schools in North America
  • 36 schools in Europe
  • 15 schools in Asia
  • 2 schools in Australia

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